About NEXT Canada

Our Vision

A nation of bold, successful innovators whose achievements in Canada and on the global stage fuel greater prosperity at home.

What We Do

NEXT Canada is a national, non-profit organization that develops exceptional talent to build world-class ventures and propel technology adoption. Founded in 2010 as The Next 36 by a group of pioneering business leaders and academics, NEXT Canada is today a leader in the delivery of cutting-edge programming designed to foster lifelong entrepreneurship in four streams: NextAI, Next 36, Next Founders and NextED. Our programs, delivered through meaningful partnerships between government and the private sector, strengthen the foundations of Canada’s current and future health and prosperity.

NEXT Canada is supported by generous National Partners including, EY, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, and Power Corp as well as NextAI Founding Partners, BDC Capital, Magna, RBC and Scotiabank. NEXT Canada has directly impacted over 370 alumni who have built companies including, Bridgit, Deep Learni.ng, Kira Talent, Nymi and Thalmic Labs. These alumni have created over 1,300 jobs and $319 million in economic impact.

See an overview of all NEXT Canada programs here.

NEXT Canada delivers four programs: Next 36, NextAI, Next Founders and NextED

For Students and recent grads launching their startups.

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NEXT Founders is for founders of high growth ventures looking to scale.

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For artificial intelligence related ventures looking to disrupt industries.

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For Canadian businesses looking to adopt artificial intelligence.

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