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I look at the participants in NEXT programs and it’s a reflection of the new Canada. To me, there’s nothing more exciting than a chance to be a part of it.

Nadir Mohamed

Chairman, ScaleUp Ventures; Former President & CEO, Rogers Communications

It has been wonderful to be part of The Next 36. The students involved in the program are extremely talented and hard working. Mentoring them has been a real privilege.

Janet Bannister

General Partner, Real Ventures

I'm delighted to be joined by two such legendary Canadians as Jimmy Pattison and Paul Desmarais Sr. to be role models for Canada's next generation of nation builders.

W. Galen Weston

Chairman & President, George Weston Ltd.

Working with NEXT Canada companies is inspiring. The founders are fueled by curiosity to iterate and find disruptive new solutions. They are mission driven and see entrepreneurship as the preferred path to have impact.

Nicole LeBlanc

Director, Investments & Partnerships at Sidewalk Labs

Canada needs entrepreneurs with innovation, drive and lots of creativity. The Next 36 sets a great example and benchmark for all of our young people.

Jimmy Pattison

Chairman & CEO, The Jim Pattison Group

Programs like the Next 36 play a critical role in helping us unlock the potential that resides within our borders. By pulling together great talent, mentors and resources, we can drive Canada to the forefront of the world's leading knowledge economies.

Ben Zifkin

Founder and CEO, Hubba

Innovation. Leadership. Big Ideas. Visionary People. This is Canada’s time to shine.

Joe Canavan

CEO, NEXT Canada

At Ernst & Young, we’re big believers in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation. That’s why we’re so pleased to support NEXT Canada in their quest to strengthen Canada’s next generation of innovators.

Trent Henry

Chairman, Ernst & Young

Moving the Needle on Canadian Prosperity

Since 2010, over 450 alumni have graduated from NEXT programs and are now creating global impact.

16,000 square foot headquarters in downtown Toronto

"Entrepreneurship, on steroids. "

Macleans Logo

15 alumni on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list since 2014

"The defining measure of this program won't be the original startups - it will be the eventual impact the students have on Canada and the world. "

Techvibes Logo

$130M+ direct revenue generated by NEXT alumni ventures

"It’s a boot camp for some of Canada’s best young brains. "

Cbc Logo

400+ investors, entrepreneurs and senior business leaders involved

"[NEXT Canada] is a remarkable program, not only in its structure and successes to date but also in its ability to attract the backing of some of Canada’s biggest business names. "

Canadian Business Logo

17 alumni ventures recognized as CIX Top 20 companies

120+ ventures supported since 2010

"It’s aimed at the best students with the highest potential."

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1,300+ jobs created since 2010

7 alumni listed as Toronto Life’s 20 Most Brilliant Tech Innovators

"[NEXT Canada] is the most intense, hot-house effort to force grow entrepreneurs ever attempted in Canada. "

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450+ alumni since 2010

"[NEXT Canada] is a bet for the future. "

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Kira Talent provides a more human, holistic solution to the higher education admissions process for both applicants and administrators.

"Being a part of NEXT was a huge advantage for us when it came to fundraising. The program helped us get started on the right foot; both in terms of meeting top investors, and in raising the capital we needed to get to the next level."

 ‐ Emilie Cushman, CEO, Kira Talent
Kira Spotlight

Focals by North are the smart glasses of the 21st century. Integrating technology with the silhouette of a traditional eyewear frame, Focals allow you to stay connected with the things, places and people that matter most.

"The rate and pace of the learning in the Next 36 program is unmatched. There is no other opportunity out there that can offer this kind of experience."

 ‐ Stephen Lake, Co-founder, North
North Spotlight

Founded by immigrants, for immigrants, Destin AI’s artificially intelligent bot is the simplest way to get guidance on how to come to Canada.

"If you would like to establish your AI company in Canada, NextAI is a great opportunity. You will be able to strengthen your team, better connect with industry experts who will inspire you and overall become a better leader."

 ‐ Nargiz Mammadova, Founder, Destin AI
Destin Spotlight

Feroot Privacy is a privacy management software platform that provides global enterprises and SaaS software companies a simple way to comply with complicated data privacy regulations, like GDPR.

“NextAI was a game-changer for us. We entered the program with an idea in the prototyping stage and left as a launched company with seed funding, a functional product, and a pipeline of early customers.”

 ‐ Ivan Tsyranny, Co-founder, Feroot Privacy
Feroot Spotlight

EcoPackers transforms excess Canadian agricultural by-products into 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and cost-effective alternatives to single-use plastics.

NEXT Canada equipped me with the confidence, resources and mentors needed to build an impactful business. I learned to be fearless when it came to my big vision and received guidance from some of the most inspirational business leaders in the world.”

 ‐ Nuha Siddiqui, Founder, EcoPackers
Ecopackers Spotlight

Bridgit’s mobile app streamlines communication on construction sites, helping residential, commercial or institutional projects be completed better, faster.

“Next 36 was this perfect bridge between engineering and this different world I was quite interested in but wasn’t sure how to approach. It was the perfect segue for me.”

 ‐ Lauren Lake
Bridgit Spotlight

SeamlessMD is a cloud-based, patient engagement solution that delivers proactive care, improves recovery post-surgery, lowers costs and enhances the patient experience.

I knew I wanted to build a venture someday, and I actually thought I'd be doing that 5-10 years from now. Next 36 has really accelerated what I've wanted to do with my career, and I can't imagine being able to do that with any other opportunity.

 ‐ Joshua Liu
Seamless Spotlight

Leveraging the power of AI for drug discovery, Atomwise designs new molecules for the most difficult targets, helping their partners deliver better medicines faster.

"NEXT Canada had a tremendous impact on my development as a founder. I was exposed to big thinkers, domain experts and an impressive circle of peers that continue to motivate me and help me grow my business.”

 ‐ Abraham Heifets, Co-founder, Atomwise
Atomwise Spotlight

Creator media platform #paid connects social media influencers and massive brands including Coca-Cola, Ikea and Visa to deliver authentic content designed to inspire consumer behaviour.

“Next Founders' flexible schedule allowed me to run my business and grow as a founder at the same time."

 ‐ Byran Gold, Co-founder, #Paid
Paid Spotlight

Sampler is digitizing the product sampling experience, working with brands like Ritz, Garnier, L’Oréal, Unilever and more to deliver samples directly into the hands of their target markets.

As a sole founder, this program gave me an incredible opportunity to connect with founders from across Canada who were dealing with similar challenges.

 ‐ Marie Chevrier, Founder, Sampler
Sampler Spotlight

Oscar, by Intuitive, is a smart waste bin that uses machine learning and computer vision to automatically route garbage into one of three categories: recycling, waste or compost.

“A lot of incubators focus on company development and networking, which NextAI does very aggressively. However, other incubators often forget the most vital element that drives the company to be successful: the founder.”

 ‐ Hassan Murad, Co-founder, Intuitive
Intuitive Spotlight
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